Nipple Toys Guide Belgium

Nipple play-teasing, stroking, licking and pinching- is surely stimulating. However, if you are thinking of taking nipple delight to a higher level, it is time to break out the sex toys. Nipple toys provide an intense stimulation which the tongue or hand simply can’t provide.

Breast stimulators leave your mouth and hands-free to explore other erogenous parts, so the bedroom pleasure is multiplied many times over. The selection of nipple toy available is vast. There is a sweet vanilla plaything to kinky accessories.

However, regardless of size, shape as well as features, all have a similar delightful purpose- stimulating nipples through delivering remarkable sensations.

Why Consider Nipple Toys?

The nipple is a sensitive erogenous part for women and men alike and can give pleasure galore. It doesn’t matter if you do it alone or with your partner, nipple play is a kind of fun each one of you shouldn’t miss. Resist the urge to go lower and stay the focus on the nipple for a moment to put sexual experience to a higher level.

Sex toys for nipple Belgium can evoke an erotic mood mentally and visually. However, their most significant role is the gift of physical pleasure which they impart to the body’s most sensitive parts. Limiting the flow of blood and slowly numbing the tip of the nipple makes sensual pressure as well as tactile stimulation.

The profound feelings experienced if the clamp is removed and blood goes back into the nipples, make a very erect as well as extraordinarily sensitive to no matter what stimulation comes next.

Our guide to nipple sex toys will help you know more about the extensive selections available from cups to clamps to suckers.

Glass Nipple Pump Large

Nipple Pumps and Suckers

Pumps and suckers draw blood to nipples, which make engorged and erected. You will experience improved sensitivity while wearing them and afterward, intensifying each touch, suck and kiss.

This is easy to use; simply fit the sex toy to the nipple. The sensation of the suction is extremely arousing, and you will enjoy the sight of the pumped-up nipples once you eliminate your sex toy.

If you are something a bit more stirring, choose a sucker that has a vibrating function, for fun as they are pumped. Some pumps can double up for application on the clitoris to provide all around and intense stimulation.

Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Nipple Pleasure Cups

Nipple Cups

The same in design to nipple pasties, this nipple cup is made for pleasure. This is ideal for a newbie; this toy promise not to nip the nipples.

With a small bullet sitting at the middle of the cup, you will get direct powerful vibration which send ripples of stimulation all through the whole body.

This can be used for solo play or pair it with a sex toy to heighten sexual satisfaction.

Nipple Clamps

Put in a pinch of fun and excitement to the play with this sex toy. This encourages blood flow to increase sensitivity; this sex toy bridges the exciting line between pain and pleasure. As many clamps are easy to adjust, manage the pressure used as you become more intense and aroused.

If you are new to this kind of nipple play, Sex Toy 365 recommends trying first the clamps on your skin between the forefinger and thumb. Through this way, you will get a notion of what to look forward to next time.

There are many diverse kinds of nipple clamps available that will go through below. Most will push your limitations to provide you enticing stimulation.


Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice

Chained Nipple Clamps

This is ideal for taking the nipple play to a higher level. A simple chain connecting the clamps not just improved the looks but is common for BDSM play.

Allow your partner slowly pull and tug on the chain for a strong pinch on both the nipples, presenting suspense as well as arousal in one, easy movement.

Fetish Fantasy Series Cerise Fancy Feather Clamps

Decorative Nipple Clamps

Amazing sensation, as well as sight, comes as one in decorative nipple clamps. Improve the look of the chest as diamantes, feathers and more emphasize the breast. Spice up an open cup bra.

Nipplettes Vibrating Pink Nipple Clamps Adjustable

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

If you want a new kind of erotic stimulation, consider vibrating nipple clamps. This is controlled by a switch or by a remote control, allowing the user and his partner has control over the pleasure.

Long Nipple Clamps With Weight 250g

Weighted Nipple Clamps

This intensifies the nipple play as the nipples are dragged downwards. Small weights, worry no more as they are not the kind you usually see at the fitness gyms. Drape from the clamps to make each sensation extreme, heightening the arousal.

Nipple Harness

With nipple harness, it takes nipple play to the next level with several indulgent bondage. Up to the ante from going to blindfolds and handcuffs as you experience amazing pleasure as well as painful pinches in the same measure. 

Maybe you fancy nipple clamps, when used along with a ball gag or a collar makes the experience pleasurable. Do not be afraid to take the nipple play to a higher level, and you will be rewarded with a seriously sensuous experience you will never forget.

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple SuckHers

Nipple suckers

Nipple sucker is considered one of the least intimidating nipple toys today. The sucker takes nipple sensation to a higher level; normally it is gentle, so you do not need to worry about overpressure being used.

Once the bulb situated at the top is pressed, it draws in a piece of skin which stimulates the flow of blood and makes the area receptive and sensitive to touch. One essential tip in using this sex toy is to take episodic breaks.

No matter what it is you are craving, the diversity of nipples toys accessible at Sex Toy 365 Belgium will please you. With two nipples to play with, it is time for double the fun- are you ready to discover how fun nipple playing can be?

If you want to know more about nipple toys, please feel free to keep in touch with our staff by calling the customer hotline number.