Beginners Guide to Hen and Stag Party Accessories Belgium

Are you planning to throw a stag or hen night to remember? We at Sex Toys 365 know that can be lots of fun to plan a stag or hen party, but we also know it is hard to find the things you need to assure all the guests an enjoyable and memorable time. We have designed our array of hen and stag party supplies with this in mind.

We are always available to assist you to look for all you want in one place. If you are searching for hen party accessories and supplies, you need no look further than our extensive array of decorations and props. We offer wide selections of the hen night, games as well as ideas to inspire you. We also provide elegant masquerade masks for a plush event.

From hen and stag party accessories Belgium to party props, we can provide any theme of the party, and you can be as wild as you want. We have got themed disposable paper plates and cutlery to keep the fun going all night.

Here are some of the accessories we offer:

Regardless of how diverse stag or her party is, there are a few standard party props you must secure if you’re the one in charge. These must make your soiree fun and memorable, in spite of the theme which will be run.

Party Crowns and Veils

Certainly, you would want to give people a notion of what is going on. Nothing says stag or hen party between than some commemorative headdresses.

Typically, many wedding Belgium entourages get pink party tiaras, while the bride has a veil or white crown. To make it more adventurous, might as well you pair that veil or crown with a sash to get attention to the right.

We have wide selections of party crowns and veils to choose from that will surely meet your theme and your preference.

Pink Pecker Party Squirt Gun

Novelty Gift Items

These can be customized picture frames with the pictures of the couple or naughty undergarment and devices. It does not matter what and where the celebration will be held since it favors to be taken home.

The only thing which matters is that it makes a statement, and makes the hen or stag party an event to remember.

Personalized, Matching Outfits

As a group walking into a venue, it will surely be appropriate to wear the same attires, a customized hen party t-shirt, maybe- to give the impression of solidarity and largely to bring ridicule to yourself.

This is the one time and hopefully, the last time you get to celebrate one of your loved ones impeding marriage, therefore you might as well make it interesting with clean as well as interesting ensembles.

If not at least wear the same color. We have extensive selections of matching outfits to choose from, all you have to do is to visit our website.

Candy Blow Job Practice Willie


It is always best to keep both alcohols, and sweets close as these will serve as party catalysts. They will excite the mood and can double as party favors after the party is over.

Disposable Cameras

Now, what party would be complete without this accessory? It doesn’t matter if you are planning a tasteful spa hen party of having everyone go to a bar and dance, it is always important to keep the printed image of the event for commemorative purposes.

Again, it is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. Therefore, participants must make it last.

Bride Bingo


This is an exciting take on the remarkable wedding table icebreaker game. However this time it is all about the bride to be. You can purchase these bingo sheets from Sex Toy 365.

Get the bride to write her bingo sheet with words associated with her wedding. When done call the guests and the first one to tick off an entire row declares the winner.

Cocktail Quiz

Start the part with cheeky cocktails and try your hens with their skill of these wicked cocktail names. It is even more fun if you do not know the answer as there will be some amazing guesses which you can tease your hens.

If you are kicking off a night in a club or bar, order a few of each drink or ask the bartender to make a special drink based off your wrong guesses. The quiz sheet can be obtained at Sex Toy 365.

Hen Party Pictionary

The preferred drawing game is primed for a silly and naughty makeover, and hen party Pictionary will take your hen party to a higher level. You can pick between mixed, clean as well as explicit cards.

On the other hand, we know which one you must be purchasing. It can be turned into a drinking game through making the artist take a shot each the team is not able to guess what they have drawn or sketched.

Make a Man

Divide your guests into two and equip them with play-doh or plasticine. Every group is given a body party to create. However, they are not permitted to see the doings of the other team.

In the end, it is the job of the bride to put it together to create a man. It’s a preferred type of, and when it comes to play-doh or plasticine, there is only one store to depend on, Sex Toy 365.

Look for a Man

Print out images of different men, which include one of the grooms and then roll them up and put each one in a balloon. Get the hens to gather and split open the team bride balloons and the one who finds the picture of the groom will declare as the winner. Sex Toy 365 has wide selections of balloons available in different styles and colors.

These hen and stag party accessories can be bought easily from our store. Hence, there is no need to worry. It is necessary, on the other hand, that you plan first the activities and choose where the event will be held, so as to make sure you do not waste money and time buying the wrong items.