A-Z Sex Toys

Want to learn sex toys ABCs? From anal sex toys to zip up bags, there is a corresponding letter for each type of pleasure. Whether you are a newbie in a sex toy, feeling adventurous or already well and addicted, explore the erotic alphabet and choose the best accessories to spice up your sex life.

A-Anal Sex Toys

An anal toy is about pleasure through pressure. Slowly glide one up there, and then allow the intense feelings to begin. Pop them out or keep them in on the point of climax for incredible orgasms.

B- Bullets

An ideal bedroom friend for sex toy newbie, a bullet vibrator is a discreet, and small sex toy but extremely powerful. This can bring you to a climax during solo play or tease your partner by working on her erogenous zones. Choose from an array of designs and styles and ready to draw the pleasure trigger.

C-Cock Rings

This is a small sex toy but very effective small manhood huggers limit the flow of blood back to the penis, this keeps him harder for a long period. This makes intercourse longer.

D- Dildos

The dildo is a classic sex toy and is made to provide intense, internal pleasure to couple or solo play. This is available in an array of sizes and shapes, choose something realistic, or choose for a metal or a slick glass design. Add vibration for an additional thrill, or choose a double ender to take the fun to a higher level.

E- Electro Sex

If you are planning to make some shockwaves under the bed sheets, you need to try electrosex. This stimulates the deep nerve ending and heightens sensitivity, thus taking sexual pleasure to a higher level.


This is considered the most selling sex toy for men. Fleshlight is a handheld pleasure hole made from a soft material it provides a realistic, exciting experience ideal for solo playing.

G- G-Spot

G-spot can be found at the top wall of the vagina if stimulated could bring powerful orgasm as well as ejaculation. A G-spot vibrator will surely put any skepticism to rest. This is available in different designs and styles.


G-spot can be found at the top wall of the vagina if stimulated could bring powerful orgasm as well as ejaculation. A G-spot vibrator will surely put any skepticism to rest. This is available in different designs and styles.


While often bought for fun, an inflatable doll can provide some exceptional and unexpectedly stimulating solo playing.


Jelly vibrators and dildos, because they are made from the cheapest components, they are an excellent budget option. The flexible, soft rubber isn’t just smooth but also be shaped as well as colored for fun and a quick play. Ensure to wear a condom each time you use this.

K-Kegel Balls

This is made to stimulate the lady’s G-spot in a secretive and fun way. This also functions to make pelvic floor muscle stronger and more intense orgasms.

L-Love Eggs

With this sex toy, you will experience serious as well as secretive fun. This naughty toy usually is silky smooth and looks like an elongated oval. It includes a handy remote control so you can give yourself an amazing pleasure.

M- Male Masturbator

Also called as fake vaginas, a male masturbator can be penetrated by a guy to improve solo sessions. This can also add a new dimension to erotic foreplay as a couple. Make sure to use lube each time you use male masturbator.

N-Nipple Clamp

This is a kind of clip which is attached to the nipple to make a mild pinching feeling to pain and discomfort. Usually adjustable to let you handle the pressure that is exerted on the nipple.


This is a connective device that is made from metal, leather, rubber or silicon. This is utilized in a strap as a connection point for restraints, leashes, and tethers.

P-Prostate Massager

A man’s prostate gland is situated inside the anus and once stimulated could give a stronger orgasm. A prostate massager is intended to make stimulating P-spot easy so that milking the prostate is obtainable by each man.

R-Rabbit Vibrator

This is one of the most sought after sex toy today. This is a dual action vibrator, made to stimulate the clitoris while the rotating shaft provides amazing internal sensation.

S-Sex Furniture

From a simple wedge to a sex swing, slider, and sexy curved chaise, sex furniture is intended to help give you with exciting new hot session terrain. Some come with restraint for a hot and steamy BDSM play.

T-Temperature Play

Even if not strictly a sex toy, temp play is a good way to introduce a new sensation under the sheets. Through stimulating the skin with the use of cold and hot, you can provoke the neuroreceptors and increase the arousal.


Making the sexy underwear more pleasurable, this vibrating bad boy can handle remotely by your partner for a secretive thrill.

V- Vibrator

This thrill giving sex toy is all about the buzz; it doesn’t matter if you used it to the clitoris or other erogenous areas; it can produce intense sensation and mind-blowing orgasms. It can be used during solo playing or foreplay with a partner. This is available in various sizes and shapes as well.


This is ideal for bringing sexual magic under the sheet. Utilize to all parts of your body aid to soothe as well as calm muscles or apply to your clitoris. Once inserted, the extremely powerful vibration, as well as deep targeted reach, provides unmatched orgasmic pleasure.


For extreme satisfaction, XL dildo is the best sex toy for you. With extra length and width, it gives a full-on penetration experience that hits deep and delivers pleasure generously.

Y –Yum

Yummy edible that bring inside the bedroom from massage oil and lubes to lickable body paints. Put them onto the body of your partner during foreplay and starts working your tongue. These are available in various flavors to choose from.

Z-Zip-up Bags

This is not a sex toy, but an ideal place to keep bedroom stuff when they aren’t being used. Purchase one especially made to serve that purpose or pick a small, easy to maintain the bag.